Shipping and Receiving

When you need a shipping and receiving solution for your business, call Fox Moving and Storage Charlotte! We are your locally owned, trusted experts in business and commercial moving needs.

More Than a Warehouse

Our storage facility is the answer to your shipping and receiving challenges. Maybe you have a smaller business that just doesn’t have room or the capability to handle these important functions. Or, you might not have the staff you need to take care of this critical aspect of your business. The professionals at Fox Moving and Storage Charlotte are here to help.

We can receive your shipments and keep them safe and secure in our warehouse. We can then move them to your facility when you are ready to receive them. No more wondering when or how you are going to handle your shipment, logistically. We do it all for you!

Professional Movers

Are you expecting a large shipment? You can count on the professionals at Fox Moving and Storage Charlotte to deliver it to your location when you need it. We handle all shipments with the utmost professionalism and care, so you’ll have your materials, equipment, and other items ready for your business when you are ready for them.

Shipping and Receiving on Your Time

At Fox Moving and Storage Charlotte, we know your time is precious. You have a business to operate. When you let us handle the shipping and receiving for your business, your operations can be more efficient and you can be more confident that your items will arrive safely and on time.

Services Your Business Needs

Our moving experts at Fox Moving and Storage Charlotte will receive your shipments, inspect them for damages, store them in our secure warehouse facility, deliver them to your location, and even set up furniture or equipment so you’ll have it ready to go when you need it.

Need us to hold onto your shipment for a while? We can do that too. Just let us know when to deliver it and we’ll be there!

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