Storage for Importers and Exporters

As an importer or exporter of goods in and out of the greater Charlotte area, you need reliable warehousing for your inventory. At Fox Moving and Storage Charlotte, we have just the solution you need.

Climate Controlled Storage

The weather is unpredictable in Charlotte, but you can rest assured that your import/export items will be protected in our climate-controlled storage facility. Importers and exporters often deal in fragile or delicate items. No need to worry about whether rain or humidity will affect them when you take advantage of our climate controlled services.

Secure Storage for Importers and Exporters

Your items will remain safe and secure when you entrust them to Fox Moving and Storage Charlotte. Importers and exporters need a place to keep their inventory before it goes out and after it comes in, without having to be concerned about whether it’s adequately protected. Our solutions for importers and exporters will do just that. You will have less to worry about, so you can focus more on your business operations.

Moving Help

If you need assistance moving your inventory to our facilities, we can do that for you as well. Our professional movers will ensure that your items are delivered efficiently and that they are protected against damage throughout the process.

We will also receive your shipments, keep them in our secure warehouse, and then deliver them to your location when you are ready to receive them for your business.

Storage for Your Business Needs

When you run your business out of an office or even out of your home, you probably don’t have room or an appropriate space for all your inventory. Our experts at Fox Moving and Storage Charlotte are here to help you be more successful by providing a safe, secure, and climate-controlled storage facility for all your needs.